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Immediately following issuance, any secondary market bid price provided by CGMI, and the value that will be indicated on any brokerage account statements prepared by CGMI or its affiliates, will reflect a temporary upward adjustment. The terms of the securities are set forth in the accompanying product supplement, prospectus supplement and prospectus, as supplemented by this pricing supplement. We expect to hedge our obligations under the securities through CGMI or other of our affiliates, who may take positions in the underlyings or in financial instruments related to the underlyings and may adjust such positions during the term of the securities. You should not invest in the securities because of the estimated value of the securities. Moreover, the IRS could challenge a conclusion that the securities should not be subject to withholding under Section m. Example 1. If we redeem the securities prior to maturity, it is likely to be at a time when the underlyings are performing in a manner that would otherwise have been favorable to you.

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  • See Izgu Holdings Group Ltd.'s products and customers. Thousands of companies like you use Panjiva to research suppliers and competitors. Sign Up. Offshore Leaks Entity: IZGU HOLDINGS GROUP LIMITED.

    IZGU HOLDINGS GROUP LIMITED is a supplier in, China.

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    Its largest customer is Lin S Waha International Corp with most shipments via the port of Hong Kong.
    Pricing Supplement No. This preliminary pricing supplement and the accompanying product supplement, underlying supplement, prospectus supplement and prospectus are not an offer to sell these securities, nor are they soliciting an offer to buy these securities, in any state where the offer or sale is not permitted. If the IRS were.

    Example 5. These and other activities of our affiliates may affect the closing values of the underlyings in a way that negatively affects the value of and your return on the securities.

    Example 4.

    images izgu holdings group limited hc
    You can download a raw copy of the database here.

    Moreover, Section m is complex and its application may depend on your particular circumstances.

    Filed Pursuant to Rule b 2. Additional Information. I have read and understood the terms. Make a donation and help us keep it free, online and accessible.


    IZGU HOLDINGS GROUP LIMITED, China, Huangpu, Newark, Ctn.


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    You should consult your own financial, tax and legal advisors as to the risks of an investment in the securities and the suitability of the securities in light of your particular circumstances.

    The information in this preliminary pricing supplement is not complete and may be changed. In addition, the U. What is it? Countries with emerging markets may have relatively unstable governments, present the risks of nationalization of businesses, have restrictions on foreign ownership and prohibitions on the repatriation of assets and have less protection of property rights than more developed countries.

    images izgu holdings group limited hc

    The examples are solely for illustrative purposes, do not show all possible outcomes and are not a prediction of any payment that may be made on the securities. The following is a summary of certain key risk factors for investors in the securities.


    images izgu holdings group limited hc
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    The accompanying underlying supplement contains information about each underlying that is not repeated in this pricing supplement.

    To the extent that we have or an affiliate of ours has withholding responsibility in respect of the securities, we intend to so withhold. You should not invest in the securities because of the estimated value of the securities. Summary Risk Factors. Maturity date:. The performance of the securities will depend on the closing values of the underlyings solely on the valuation dates, which makes the securities particularly sensitive to volatility in the closing values of the underlyings on or near the valuation dates.

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    Anders Björkbom, Noam Prywes, Enver Cagri Izgu, and Jack W. Szostak. Global Markets Holdings Inc. and guaranteed by Citigroup Inc.

    images izgu holdings group limited hc

    The securities be willing to accept (i) an investment that may have limited or no liquidity and. Set in 10 on 12 pt Times by SNP Best-set Typesetter Ltd., Hong Kong Printed in by pipes used previously to remove dairy holding pond waste (CalFERT ), Survival of viruses of the entero-virus group (poliomyelitis, echo, cocksakie). Neimann J, Engberg J, Mølback K, Wegener HC. Izgu F, Altinbay D.

    If we redeem the securities, we will do so at a time that is advantageous to us and without regard to your interests. A contingent coupon payment will be made on a contingent coupon payment date if and only if the closing value of the worst performing underlying on the immediately preceding valuation date is greater than or equal to its coupon barrier value.

    All that is necessary for the securities to perform poorly is for one of the underlyings to perform poorly. Because significant aspects of the tax treatment of the securities are uncertain, persons having withholding responsibility in respect of the securities may withhold on any coupon payment paid to Non-U.

    The examples in the second section below illustrate how to determine the payment at maturity on the securities, assuming the securities are not redeemed prior to maturity.

    images izgu holdings group limited hc
    Izgu holdings group limited hc
    Thus, the term of the securities may be limited.

    Donate to ICIJ. The estimated value of the securities was determined for us by our affiliate using proprietary pricing models.

    Unlike conventional debt securities, the securities do not provide for the repayment of the stated principal amount at maturity in all circumstances. You should also consult your tax adviser regarding all aspects of the U. The data covers nearly 80 years up to and links to people and companies in more than countries and territories.

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      For each underlying, its closing value on the final valuation date.