Esper mentor in modern-day

images esper mentor in modern-day

I am thinking of trying Azorous Charm as a 1 or 2 of. How is everyone doing with the Mentor list. Modern has over 11, cards in its card pool, and with that number of cards to choose from, it's inevitable that there are going to be cards that don't fit in anywhere despite how powerful and unique their effects might be. A deck that relies on Trash for Treasure gets hit hard by the number of relevant cards that opponents will board in against them and combined with the threats that other decks play to back up the hate, Trash for Treasure decks most likely fall behind too quickly under pressure. The effects that Legacy and Vintage have access to don't exist in Modern: namely, Modern lacks "free" cards like GushForce of WillDazethe zero-cost Moxen, and cantrips that provide consistency in Mentor decks' game plan. Please enable JavaScript to get the best experience from this site.

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  • Esper Mentor Tom Dowling

  • Cancon Modern Event, # Esper Mentor - Tom Dowling 4 Monastery Mentor.

    images esper mentor in modern-day

    2 Snapcaster Mage. 2 Tasigur, the Golden Fang.

    30 INSTANTS and SORC. With the introduction of Unearth into Modern through MH1, I wanted to try out a Monastery Mentor based build.

    Suggestions are appreciated!. Modern Horizons has had a surprisingly profound impact on Jund, with Expect to see more of Esper Mentor in the future–it packs a real punch!.

    Diamonds in the Rough Four Modern Cards Seeking Homes Cardmarket Insight

    a tall order at the best of times, and even if this one is restricted to one color.
    What could be holding this strategy back? Thor-Naadoh Something that is powerful but also hasn't found the right deck?

    Primer fully reworked! Reanimation targets that are only situationally great will naturally match up poorly against lethal combos and efficient cards that are good at all points of the game.

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    After all, drawing seven cards isn't impressive if you have to shuffle in a hand with five cards, and it's not just you that will be drawing seven cards — your opponent will be, as well.

    images esper mentor in modern-day
    BlackSun We have new additions to our pool of zero-mana creature with the printing of Walking Ballista and Hangarback Walker from Kaladesh, and we have cards that have similar effects to the Cutthroat we mentioned earlier.

    Archmage Overlord. Monastery Mentor.

    images esper mentor in modern-day

    I think you will have a hard time reanimating a blightsteel colossus. Last edited by Arc-sloggeratog : Mar 22, Hangarback Walker and Chromatic Star provide value when sacrificed while also doubling as cards that can be played to advance the board and dig through the deck.

    As a long time fan of Monastery Mentor, I've been trying to make it work for a long time.

    But other times it was T2 Mox Amber + Baral then Remanding their You don't have as much card filtering as other modern blue decks. Esper Mentor Midrange is breaking into the Modern scene in paper as an auto- include in Burn, and retains auto-include status to this day. Making Monastery Mentor work in Modern has long been a goal of There were times that it just clunked along despite the game going to plan.
    Just my thoughts U Mono U Tron.

    What if we go off the wall and figure out a way to play a blue-black Day's Undoing deck that plays Leyline of AnticipationHive Mindand One with Nothing. Nice I like your lists! Look forward to seeing the update on Saturday! This brings me to the second reason why Trash for Treasure hasn't made a name for itself might be because of how fair its payoffs are: while cards such as Wurmcoil Engine are powerful, they're nowhere close to being game-ending.

    Esper Mentor Tom Dowling

    images esper mentor in modern-day
    They're just not modern legal. Enjoy it! However, the deck is amazing against Abzan and Twin, the two best decks in the current format.

    The deck was perfect and I plan on playing it a lot more. Taco Supreme.

    images esper mentor in modern-day

    I've been successful with this list and it's good against Twin.

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    1. Daigore:

      It only works while Colossus is already where you want it to be: on the battlefield.

    2. Shakagul:

      It is possible to reanimate blightsteel, you just need a instant reanimate spell like shallow grave.

    3. Zulkilar:

      Take it easy Jay.

    4. Bagal:

      The deck was perfect and I plan on playing it a lot more. I outright won the prelims going and then finished in the top 16 of the finals with a final record of