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images el assima tv libya on-line

Approximately 30, members of the Tawargha community remained displaced. Targeted attacks on members of the Tawargha community residing in camps in Benghazi forced internally displaced persons to flee see section 2. Alliances, sometimes temporary, between the government, nonstate militias, and former or current officers in the armed forces participating in extralegal campaigns made it increasingly difficult to ascertain the role of the government in attacks by armed groups. No employee was injured but the station is still unable to broadcast. The government failed to protect protesters and, conversely, to manage protester violence during the year. Related reports filtered by theme and country Libya. Observers believed the greatest concentrations of such detainees were in greater Tripoli, Misrata, and Benghazi. Implementation of the law stalled during the year.

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  • More than 20 attacks on media and journalists since start of year Libya ReliefWeb

  • Reporters Without Borders is extremely worried about the Libyan media, which support for “liberal” sectors and its anti-Islamist editorial line. Al-Assima, another privately-owned TV station, was attacked again on 24 August. private satellite television Libya Al Ahrar in Benghazi was and online message that read “keep laughing because you will 13 RSF reported that one of the three attacks against Al-Assima TV was directed against the owner Jumaa Al.

    Libya Al Ahrar (Arabic: ليبيا الأحرار) is a Libyan TV channel broadcast by satellite from its headquarters in Doha.

    Refworld Country Reports on Human Rights Practices Libya

    The channel was created in during the.
    On October 5, unknown assailants killed Al-Tayeb Issa, one of the founders of privately owned satellite television station Tuareg Tumsat, in the southwestern region. Sessions of his trial, along with 31 other former Qadhafi-regime officials, that began in September continued at the Tripoli Court of Appeals. Since Zintani militias held Saif al-Islam Qadhafi in prison. While the law demands men provide alimony for a fixed duration, authorities did not uniformly enforce the law.

    Estimated total deaths during the year, relying on media reports, exceeded 2, The law declaring much of the southern part of the country a "closed military zone" remained in effect.

    images el assima tv libya on-line
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    They were finally freed after being mistreated and roughed up for five days.

    Libyan preliminary results trickle in News Al Jazeera

    Women faced social forms of discrimination within the workplace. According to Law 38, even if a court acquits a person detained by a militia, that person has no right to initiate a criminal or civil complaint against the state or the militia unless "fabricated or mendacious" allegations caused the detention.

    images el assima tv libya on-line

    In the past municipalities and local organizations maintained women's shelters in most major cities, but it was difficult to confirm whether shelters continued to operate or were accessible to victims of domestic violence.

    There were numerous reports that government-armed forces, including a factionalized Libyan National Army and affiliated militias, as well as militias opposed to the government, committed arbitrary or unlawful killings. Following the revolution and attendant breakdown of judicial institutions and process, the interim government and state and nonstate militia forces continued arbitrarily to detain and hold persons in authorized and unauthorized facilities, including unknown locations, for extended periods without legal charges or legal authority.

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    English News and Press Release on Libya about Protection and Human In one of the latest attacks, Al-Assima satellite TV station owner.

    Warfalli, a young presenter on Radio Sawt Libya Al-Watan, was a presenter on the privately-owned satellite TV station Al-Assima, was. At year's end no country had recognized the al-Hassi administration. .

    images el assima tv libya on-line

    owned satellite television station al-Assima from Martyrs' Square in Tripoli while they by militants and the other because it took an antigovernment line.
    At the end ofthe UNHCR was undertaking a progressive resumption of refugee status determinations, pending completion of a memorandum of understanding with the government.

    Ethnic minorities faced instances of societal discrimination and violence. The Constitutional Declaration addresses the rights of persons with physical, sensory, intellectual, and mental disabilities and requires the state to provide monetary and other types of social assistance, but it does not explicitly prohibit discrimination.

    Whoever is going to win, Libya is the real winner of those elections," he added.

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    Sharia Islamic law governs family matters, including inheritance, divorce, and the right to own property. There were numerous reports that government-armed forces, including a factionalized Libyan National Army and affiliated militias, as well as militias opposed to the government, committed arbitrary or unlawful killings.

    Professional groups such as teachers and airline workers frequently used strikes to protest political policies and present employee demands.

    images el assima tv libya on-line
    Such decisions by news media to censor themselves or stop working reinforce the feeling of fear within the media throughout Libya.

    The overall figure included 18, Syrians, 5, Palestinians, 3, Iraqis, 4, Eritreans, and 12, Somalis. Invoking the penal code, the GNC criminalized a variety of political speech, including speech considered to "tarnish the [country's] reputation or undermine confidence in it abroad," speech "insulting constitutional and popular authorities," and speech "publicly insulting the Libyan Arab people.

    The interim government took no concrete action to reform the justice system.

    images el assima tv libya on-line

    The requirement that all collective agreements must conform to the "national economic interest" restricts collective bargaining.

    As the formal transformation process in Libya faltered and political and as well as the salience of lines of fragmentation and the exploitation of Interview with Harak spokesperson A. Jali on al-Assima TV, 8 March 9.

    News media targeted amid Libyan chaos RSF

    Almesmari told the Libya Herald that the armed men shouted at her, telling illegal raids on the offices of Akhbar Ajdabiya and Al Assima TV). Libya's electoral commission has begun unveiling the preliminary results of the Al-Assima TV said the coalition was far ahead in the capital.
    A member of the family said he was held at Al-Yarmouk military camp, which is controlled by Tripoli-based revolutionary militias and by Operation Libya Dawn.

    Impunity was a serious problem. On October 25, the national committee for human rights expressed concern over reports that Ansar al-Sharia-Benghazi militants raided Benghazi's Bu-Hadimah Prison and took a large number of inmates to an unknown destination.

    By law citizenship derives from birth in the country or from a male citizen parent, and there are naturalization provisions for noncitizens. As international and domestic monitoring collapsed during the year, observers could not verify the current number of stateless persons.

    images el assima tv libya on-line
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    By August the United Nations noted the UNHCR registered almost 37, refugees in Tripoli and Benghazi, with many living in areas heavily damaged by fighting and unable to leave for safer areas.

    In previous years skilled health personnel attended virtually all births, and more than 90 percent of mothers received prenatal and postnatal care. The extent of torture at extremist or militia hands remained unknown, although some militias reportedly physically abused detainees.

    More than 20 attacks on media and journalists since start of year Libya ReliefWeb

    Political Parties and Political Participation: Political parties proliferated following the revolution, although fractious political infighting among party leaders impeded the government's progress on legislative and electoral priorities. The constitutional declaration states authorities may implement no punishment outside the law, and postrevolutionary legislation criminalizes torture.

    Obari has seen armed clashes between members of the Tebu and Tuareg communities since mid-September. The assailants released the journalists five hours later, after they reportedly abused them and shaved their heads.

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      According to civil society organizations, there was widespread harassment and increasing intimidation of women by militias and extremists, including accusations of "un-Islamic" behavior. Published on 14 Oct — View Original.

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      A large number of detainees were foreigners, of whom a majority appeared to be migrants. Following the revolution there were reports interim government authorities removed dark-skinned citizens as well as Tuareg from their homes in Tripoli and held them in detention centers and prisons.