Bvm electra 10stacks

images bvm electra 10stacks

HI Bvm Crew! On the drive up to Triple Tree, we were trying to put a number on the flights this early Electra ARF has seen, our estimates put it somewhere near 3, flights. You can see this model and many other samples of the BVM electric jets at several jet events around the country, or if visiting Orlando, Florida you might even catch us at the RCACF club field. Of course, the plug-in wings and stabs are easily removed for more compact transport and storage. He is a Saint to put up with someone like me. She is built exactly per plans. A guy got a few action shots at Fort Bend Jets a couple weekends ago, see attached. I look forward to doing a Bandit this winter.

  • The BVM Electra jet "kit" lead the way. Its size and performance have revolutionized the state-of-the-art for an all electric jet model. The Electra jet "ARF " has all.

    Here are some pictures of my BVM Electra. Flies fantastic and have a great flight envelope. Powered by EVF 3 12S EDF unit. All the best from Sweden Bjorn. le jour au mans le foulard dévoilé 3 8 annonce occasion mercedes classe a 2 cdi avantgarde bvm but de arouna dindane 3 1 lens berne.
    Thanks to Daniel Hirscher who did an incredible Job to paint it. This will cause a very noticeable loss of thrust. It fits easily into the back of his Escalade and with a charger and 2 sets of ThunderPower LiPo's, Harley appreciates the simplicity of loading up just a few items for an afternoon of jet enjoyment.

    Ken Wagner loves this Electra and I do to. The crowd was stunned by the speed and slow landings. It flies awesome, the only adjustment I made was a bit more expo to the elevator after the first flight.

    images bvm electra 10stacks
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    The following instructions and photos clarify what has been published in the assembly manual and plans. Addendum Jean-Claude with his Camo Electra and puppies.

    Scale modelers like Fio, learned these techniques from years of experience as a scale competition flyer.

    Video: Bvm electra 10stacks *AMAZING* BVM Electra "Jaguar" Maiden Flight

    Some clicks to trim it and enjoy that the Electra Experience from the first flight. This will cause a very noticeable loss of thrust.

    images bvm electra 10stacks

    It is powered with an EVF

    The whole idea started 3 years ago and became reality to have an Electra in a F1 Jaguar Scheme.

    I look forward to many flights in the future. Kits shipped after September have these parts and instruction updates included. It flies awesome, the only adjustment I made was a bit more expo to the elevator after the first flight.

    Like always, just fly and enjoy. Thanks to BVM Jets for the fast shipping and responsive customer support.

    images bvm electra 10stacks
    An important part of an all electric jet is the landing gear system.

    The chalk weathering simulates dirt and grease emerging from an Aileron hinge. A clear coat is not needed but can add to their durability.

    images bvm electra 10stacks

    Its all composite, painted-in-the-mold airframe is strong and light. The first flights were very successful and required no trim. Kirk Jensen. Here's two fabulous looking Electra Jets built by Kirk Jensen.

    It's also really positive on elevator, and with first stage flaps the tight loops are great fun.

    Rock solid full flap approach and full stop landing.

    Rob and I are doing a little formation flying with them and enjoying these fun and simple models. Expert craftsmanship is evident in every detail of this Electra Jet. Like always, just fly and enjoy.

    images bvm electra 10stacks
    It is always a pleasure to attend the event since the flying site and people are just amazing.

    A few pictures for you! The power unit is an early EVF and is still performing quite impressively as a 10S system utilizing the latest Thunder Power 70C mAh batteries. I took out my new Electra this afternoon to burn some amps up.

    The new door mod is very well thought out. As you can see, Pat did an excellent job on the Electric Jet Kit.

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